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Re: Hurd on L4 Project

From: Ian Duggan
Subject: Re: Hurd on L4 Project
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 22:16:53 -0700

> > Where should code for a Hurd on L4 project be placed? Would these types
> > of changes be something for bug-hurd?
> IMHO we should setup a separate CVS repository somewhere (sourceforge
> comes to mind) and first try to get started. When we get usable code
> that could be directly integrated into the main Hurd repository, we
> could always merge them in, after the necesasry paperwork has been
> exchanged with the FSF. I'm not aware of the required procedures

How much danger is there that we'd end up with a fork of the Hurd
codebase if we did something like this.

Additionally, I've been looking at BitKeeper lately for source control.
Has anyone tried it? It looks like a nice combination of CVS and
Clearcase. It works distributed and disconnected like CVS, but has a
branching and merging scheme more like Clearcase.

> The reason I'm suggesting this approach is, that I'd recommend to
> build the basic (L4) infrastructure from scratch first, like pager,
> driver and probably IDL compiler and support libraries, before we
> import the Hurd and glibc sources into the project. This way, we
> would avoid many mistakes and kludges that stems from trying to
> bend the current Hurd sources to the new environment. Let's do this
> incrementally and carefully.

Yes, this is what I was thinking too. Additionally, not knowing tons
about how the Hurd works, I think this will allow at least myself to get
a good understanding of the system by putting it together bit by bit
from the ground up.

> In the meantime, I'd suggest to simply post every bit of code on
> l4-hurd, either inline or by referring to personal (semi-permanent)
> URLs.

Sounds good.

> Has someone here already submitted a new l4-hurd project creation
> request to sourceforge?

I looked on sourceforge and I don't see anything like that in the
projects. I can submit one if needed. However, what is the relationship
between Sourceforge and Savannah? It seems to me that Savannah is
duplication of effort with regards to Sourceforge. Are they just worried
about Sourceforge going away some day?

-- Ian

Ian Duggan                    address@hidden

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