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Re: L4-hurd digest, Vol 1 #72 - 4 msgs

From: Zeno Gantner
Subject: Re: L4-hurd digest, Vol 1 #72 - 4 msgs
Date: 09 Oct 2001 21:47:09 +0200

Hello everybody out there, I am back from vacation now.
As some of you know, I've followed this list for some time
and wrote HTML page (on the GNU web server) about it.
If there is work to do, like writing web pages, docs,
creating project sites at sourceforge, I am willing to do
that. (I've already started to revise l4-hurd.html and to
integrate the TODO list)

I offer this because I don't feel competent enough to
start some real hacking with L4.
atm I read the docs/sources of oskit, glibc and the Hurd.
I've installed these systems, plus L4Ka and ChacmOS and
played a little bit with them.
I have read all L4 docs/theses that describe the concept
and the philosophy of the system, but none of the 'hard stuff',
like man pages and sources.
I am also reading a German book about Mach:
Christoph Zimmermann/Albrecht Kraas: Mach. Konzepte und Programmierung.

I hope to start some more practical work the next weeks but I
don't know how much time I'll have, as the winter term starts on


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