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Re: HURD to L4 todo

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: HURD to L4 todo
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 23:46:06 +0200 (CEST)

> In talking about the L4 user-land (drivers):
> "  Don't get too fancy here. As long as we don't have a stable driver
>   API, it would not be very useful to try to port Linux drivers to
>   this new architecture yet."
> Sorry for my lack of knowledge about this, but what about something like the 
> Uniform Driver
> Interface(UDI) at
> http://www.projectudi.org/
> This would seem very helpful in that it would give us a generic driver 
> interface from the start
> and if people would use it then we could have more drivers more easily
Noted. UDI looks quite promising. Thanks for the hint!

> Hope this is helpful,
> Ed Page
> ps:  I currently program in C++.  I have been interested in kernel 
> programming for a while and
> epsecially this project, any ideas on resources to be help me learn more 
> about system programming?
What do you mean by "system programming"? Some people mean things like
exercising the Unix/POSIX API, others mean kernel programming. In the
first case, you may want to have a look at Stevens' "Advanced Programming
in the Unix Environment" for a general intro to Unix programming. Other
books are available as well.

For kernel programming, you may want to have a look at textbooks about
OS design like e.g. Tanenbaum's (of Minix's Fame) "Operating Systems",
but also kernel books like McKusick, Bostic, Karels, Quaterman "The Design
and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System".

There are books and resources for special topics, including sockets,
distributed systems, etc. as well.

There is a lot more literature available. Please let me know what you
intend to do.



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