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Re: l4-hurd page update

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: l4-hurd page update
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 02:18:44 +0200

Hi Zeno,

> Hi guys,
> here is a new version of l4-hurd.html.
> If there are no complaints about it, I'll send it
> to address@hidden

>   <li><em>To do before starting the port:</em>
>   <ul>
>     <li>A pthreads implementation for both Mach and L4.</li>
>     <li>Hurd must be ported to pthreads (instead of cthreads).</li>
>     <li>A C library for L4.</li>
>   </ul></li>
Probably, the most promising way would be to retarget the Hurd to a
virtual kernel (the VK-approach) and then port this VK to misc.
backends like Mach, L4 and even existing POSIX-Systems (e.g. for
ease of development). Please see the recent discussion on l4-hurd
(there's a link to the basic idea in there). I'm working on a detailed
plan/schedule and will post that to l4-hurd in the next days or so.

It may be a good idea to cooperate with the Dresden and Karlsruhe
teams, since a ported Hurd (or a ported VK) would be an important
client to L4 and would help them improve L4 development and research
further. But we need to do our homework first (e.g. by retargetting
the Hurd).

> <a href="#TOCtools" name="tools"><h3>Tools</h3></a>
> <ul>
>   <li>Farid Haji wrote a patch for using <a 
> href="http://bochs.sourceforge.net";>Bochs</a>
>       to boot L4Ka, there is a <a 
> href="http://home.kamp.net/home/farid.hajji/l4ka-bochs/";>page</a>
>       containing instructions how to use it.
>   </li>
> </ul>

Please add the recent links provided by Michael Hohmuth on his old
Mach-over-L3 work (the paper beleg.ps, the pages from jean wolters
and the ftp links to the libraries written for beleg.ps and also
the upcoming DICE IDL-compiler):



some more links (L4Linux internals, Pthreads... Thanks to Michael Hohmuth):

The uthread library from Birrel (present in e.g. FreeBSD) also deserves
to be looked at more closely. C-Threads could also be an N:M candidate,
but I'll have to study that code carefully first. Could C-Threads be
augmented with a pthreads-wrapper (the front-end side) and a backend
that would use L4-threads instead of Mach-threads? Hmmm...



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