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Re: GNU Mach on L4

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: GNU Mach on L4
Date: 07 Jun 2001 01:18:00 +0200

address@hidden (Ognyan Kulev) writes:

> GNU Mach have i386-specific parts.  Why not replacing i386-specific with L4
> specific and thus make a new architecture for GNU Mach.

> Then the real microkernel will be L4, and all other tasks will see
> GNU Mach (and L4 if they want to). This is the cheapest porting of
> Hurd on L4 (development time, debugging, maintainance).

IIRC, Okuji among others talked about doing exaclty that. To me, it
seems like a good way to get going iff it really is reasonably cheap
port. As you say, once you have Mach running on L4, you would want to
replace Mach-dependent parts (like libports) one piece at a time.

Long term, it seems reasonable to run L4, a set of Hurd libraries and
servers, and then have things like device drivers running in userspace
using interfaces in L4, Hurd libraries, and OS-kit.


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