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Re: Pthread assumption + starting real port

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: Pthread assumption + starting real port
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 02:56:44 +0100

gernot> We've been through that too. We looked at porting glibc and decided
gernot> that there's too much Unix in there. We tried OSkit, which looked
gernot> promising at first, but turned out a nightmare on non-Intel
gernot> (particularly 64-bit) systems. That was a painful and expensive
gernot> experience, we ended up dumping a lot of work.
That's really good to know! Thanks for the hint.

gernot> We're now working on our own libc. SawMill is doing something similar,
gernot> and we hope to merge/share code. Doing a complete libc which is as
gernot> independent from the underlying OS as possible (obviously parts are
gernot> inherently tied to the OS) would be beneficial for lots of people.
Indeed, that's absolutely true. It would be wonderful to use a truly
portable libc in this case. This is yet another reason to avoid as much
glibc specialities in the new Hurd as possible. Let us restrict ourselves
to what POSIX specifies (without the Unix dependencies?) in the Hurd,
and we'll get a system that (hopefully) compiles everywhere.

How do you plan to add support for underlying kernels (be they Unix or
ukernels)? Through hooks?



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