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Re: configuration

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: configuration
Date: 13 Nov 2000 11:42:13 +0100

OKUJI Yoshinori <address@hidden> writes:

> From: address@hidden (Niels Möller)
> Subject: Re: configuration
> Date: 08 Nov 2000 15:37:44 +0100
> > My conclusion so far is that "CPU_TYPE-MANUFACTURER-l4-hurd-gnu" is a
> > reasonable canonical system name to use.
>   Then, should the current GNU/Hurd system be called
> "CPU-VENDOR-mach-hurd-gnu"?

I think so. Or possibly "CPU-VENDOR-hurd-gnu" (in case mach is
considered as the default microkernel for hurd, or the microkernel
part is suppressed for some other reason).


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