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Re: libports on L4

From: Atle
Subject: Re: libports on L4
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 14:36:16 +0100

Farid Hajji wrote:
> Agreed. We could in principle tunnel the mach messages into L4 IPC as
> opaque data, multiplexing and demultiplexing at each end with some stubs.
... and so on.
Aren't you going from complex to complicated now?
The only reason for doing it with a new kernel must be that it is easier to 
work with the new kernel?
So, if this project is sensible, then l4-hurd will be ready before mach-hurd, 
Even without a 'port' but a native implementation?

Is there a place where I can get documentation on L4 IPC?

I am looking for a kernel that has a very small number of very intuitive 
synchronized queue functions, and
the Mach 'mailbox' methaphore is certainly not intuitive :-)

Thanks, Atle

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