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draft for page

From: Zeno Gantner
Subject: draft for page
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 17:46:04 +0100

Here is a first draft for a page about this mailing list
(and the project this list is about).

Does someone know what person I shall contact in order
to be able to upload it to hurd.gnu.org?

some notes on the draft:
 - If there are mistakes (grammar, spelling, ...), please
   let me know, English is not my native tongue.
 - There are just few pointers to documents, cause I don't
   know which pieces are recommended to read, and which
   not. Please send me information.
 - Is there a homepage for GNU Mach?
 - In the section "WWW Links", there are URL of some
   projects not related directly to this one, but I
   think these links can be useful, too, e.g. if you
   look for documents.
 - I've heard there were efforts to port Hurd to MIPS and
   PPC, is there still something going on?


Porting GNU Hurd to L4

! This page has not been finished yet !
Please contact me if you find errors or if you have suggestions.


Discussion. Join the list!!

Mailing Lists

WWW Links




11/10/2000 feedback
If you have questions about Hurd/L4, please post to the mailing list.
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