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Which pthread library (for L4Ka) should replace cthreads?

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Which pthread library (for L4Ka) should replace cthreads?
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 03:36:30 +0100

One of the first things to do when porting the Hurd to L4/new-libmom
is to pick/hack a reasonable pthreads library that multiplexes pthreads
to the rather limited number of available L4 threads per task. Such a
library would ideally be independent of any underlying dependencies and
should be usable with L4Ka or L4-Fiasco at least.

The GNU Portable Threads page has a link that lists the most common
pthread libraries available:


I haven't looked at any of these libraries yet (except uthread
and pth superficially), so I'm not in a position to argue about
the "right" library (yet); but what are _you_ thinking about it?

* What are your expericences with pthread libraries in general?
* Which one are you using on your system?
* How easy would a port to L4 be?
* Does the pthread library support multiplexing pthreads to
  kernel threads?

I'm currently writing some toy-examples (root_tasks) for L4Ka,
exercising the ABI/API somewhat. It would be nice to have a
pthread library for L4Ka at this early stage. Any suggestions?



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