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[Koha-devel] Re: [Koha-zebra] Re: Unimarc, marc21, Unicode, and MARC::Fi

From: Pierrick LE GALL
Subject: [Koha-devel] Re: [Koha-zebra] Re: Unimarc, marc21, Unicode, and MARC::File::XML
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 15:17:25 +0100

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 10:54:08 -0500
"Mike Rylander" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Except that Perl doesn't know that the data is already UTF8 ... which
> is the problem. [...]

You're completely right, I understand the difference. We made UTF8 work
from MySQL bu we didn't tried to work on data coming from MySQL. Just
"select ..." and "print". So it works but we are limited on strings

> It's unfortunate that the DBD::mysql people won't fix their module,
> but there really is a right way to do this, even without their help. 
> Is there a performance penalty with decode()?  Yep.  Would that go
> away with a fix to the DBD::mysql module?  Mostly, so you really need
> to bug them.

The problem with decode() is the impact. Adding this process on each
string retrieved from MySQL represents hundreds of code lines. Not so
hard to modify but the solution is not /elegant/. Being able to flag
data coming from MySQL as UTF8 to Perl would be the /elegant/ solution,
as you said. Maybe we should try harder to have this feature from
DBD::mysql developers.

Thanks for your precisions.


Pierrick LE GALL
INEO media system

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