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[Koha-devel] Re: Unimarc, marc21, Unicode, and MARC::File::XML

From: Mike Rylander
Subject: [Koha-devel] Re: Unimarc, marc21, Unicode, and MARC::File::XML
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 09:59:32 -0500

On 3/20/06, Paul POULAIN <address@hidden> wrote:
> Mike Rylander a écrit :
> > I tested with the record you sent Ed and me, and everything seems to
> > work for me ...
> > As you can see, I tested several variants of the UNIMARC flag, and
> > even tested not sending the encoding to new_from_xml() ... it all
> > seems to work for me, and I'm not sure what problems you're seeing.
> > Perhaps you just needed to set your binmode for the XML source?
> strange, strange...
> What does my script :
> * retrieve the MARC::Record from zebra
> * read some datas from mysql
> * build a page with HTML::Template
> * send the pages to the browser

Are you getting XML or binary MARC from zebra?

> I added 3 lines to save the record in a file after reading from zebra.
> Adding binmode(F,':utf8');
> before saving my record in F, give me correct UTF-8.
> without binmode, it's NOK.
> But when I put the MARC::record in a page builded with HTML::Template,
> it's wrong.
> The HTML is utf-8 (html page encoding).
> It also contains some strings from mySQL and all strings from mySQL
> appear as correct utf8 while all strings coming from the MARC::record
> coming from zebra are not !
> I can add "binmode()" to the template output, but everything goes wrong
> with strings from mySQL.

Are you using decode_utf8($mysql_string) to let Perl know that the
database is UTF8 encoded?  IIRC, MySQL doesn't know how to tell Perl
about that, and the DBD::MySQL maintainer haven't added that
functionality to the module yet.

> Any suggestion welcomed !
> --
> Paul POULAIN et Henri Damien LAURENT
> Consultants indépendants
> en logiciels libres et bibliothéconomie (http://www.koha-fr.org)

Mike Rylander
GPLS -- PINES Development
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