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[Koha-devel] Some script ideas on version 3

From: Tümer Garip
Subject: [Koha-devel] Some script ideas on version 3
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 17:52:12 +0200

Hi all,
I don't know whether everything is set for v3 KOHA but here are some
food for thought.
In our library we use LC classification and callnumbering.

1- For this the item call number is constructed from MARC21 field 050a
and 050b plus ant other local addition.
KOHA has a system preference for putting only one subfield into
itemcallnumber. Couldn't we have it so that if we write 050ab it
actually parses and reads both subfields or maybe even better 050a,XXXb
for real flexibility.

2- Inventory reports are supposed to order the books as they appear on
the shelf. For us (LC) order goes like this:

AB1.5 C25 2004
AB1.5 C203 2004
AB5 .C203 2004
AB41 .C203 2004
AB234 .C203 2004
(just samples not real callnumbers)
This sorting is a litte complex that letters are sorted as text and
numbers as numbers.

While KOHA sorts them as a text field and we have
AB1.5 C203 2004
AB1.5 C25 2004
AB234 .C203 2004
AB41 .C203 2004
AB5 .C203 2004

To be able to achieve the LC sort order we had to write a parsing
routine to item callnumber and add 5 more fields to items table.

If this is an issue for others as well may be we can incorporate it in
official release with a system preference whether to use this sorting or

The code is already with Paul (in biblio.pm) but we need to tweak it and
for that I'll ask for some help on coding if its usefull to others as

I need to know whether it is useful to you so we can start tweaking this
module which is not on our priorities list.



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