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Re: [Koha-devel] Koha 2.2.6 = version numbering + Roadmap

From: Joshua Ferraro
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] Koha 2.2.6 = version numbering + Roadmap
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 11:01:10 -0800
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On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 01:55:33PM +0100, Paul POULAIN wrote:
> I announced when releasing 2.2.5 that it would be the last 2.2 with some 
> new features. 2.2.6 was supposed to be bugfix only.
> Hélas, joshua & chris hacked a lot of things here (why ? I don't know. 
> Maybe it's to introduce new features that can't wait for 3.0), thus my 
> "problem".
In fact, the primary work that chris and I hacked on was in fact
a bugfix for the MARC editor, not a new feature. This applies to
several other things I've worked on as well.

It's also true that I have added what could be considered 'minor'
features to rel_2_2. The main consideration being that the work
required in updating a customer with all of the liblime customizations
was far exceeding my resources. Creating several new system preferences
has enabled me to keep all customers on a stock CVS release rather than
maintain my own seperate repository.

> (The next problem will be to port the improvements to head...)
Of course, I fully intend to port all the improvements I've made
to HEAD ...

> I think we had better stay with rel_2_2 branch code. But i'll tag the 
> 2.4.0 with a 2.4.0 tag.
> Question to chris & joshua : do you think you'll add new features after 
> 2.4.0 or can you promise you'll work only on HEAD ? ;-)
I will only work on HEAD, unless a customer requires a bugfix (like
they did with the MARC editor).


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