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[Koha-cvs] CVS: koha/misc bulkauthimport.pl,NONE,1.1

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-cvs] CVS: koha/misc bulkauthimport.pl,NONE,1.1
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 00:51:44 -0700

Update of /cvsroot/koha/koha/misc
In directory sc8-pr-cvs1.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv30814/misc

Added Files:
Log Message:
importing iso2709 authority file

--- NEW FILE ---
# small script that import an iso2709 file into koha 2.0

use strict;

# Koha modules used
use MARC::File::USMARC;
use MARC::Record;
use MARC::Batch;
use C4::Context;
use C4::AuthoritiesMarc;
use Time::HiRes qw(gettimeofday);

use Getopt::Long;
my ( $input_marc_file, $number) = ('',0);
my ($version, $delete, $test_parameter,$char_encoding, $verbose);
    'file:s'    => \$input_marc_file,
    'n' => \$number,
    'h' => \$version,
    'd' => \$delete,
    't' => \$test_parameter,
    'c:s' => \$char_encoding,
    'v:s' => \$verbose,

if ($version || ($input_marc_file eq '')) {
        print <<EOF
small script to import an iso2709 file into Koha.
parameters :
\th : this version/help screen
\tfile /path/to/file/to/dump : the file to dump
\tv : verbose mode. 1 means "some infos", 2 means "MARC dumping"
\tn : the number of the record to import. If missing, all the file is imported
\tt : test mode : parses the file, saying what he would do, but doing nothing.
\tc : the char encoding. At the moment, only MARC21 and UNIMARC supported. 
MARC21 by default.
\d : delete EVERYTHING related to biblio in koha-DB before import  :tables :
\t\tbiblio, \t\tbiblioitems, \t\tsubjects,\titems
\t\tadditionalauthors, \tbibliosubtitles, \tmarc_biblio,
\t\tmarc_subfield_table, \tmarc_word, \t\tmarc_blob_subfield
IMPORTANT : don't use this script before you've entered and checked twice (or 
more) your  MARC parameters tables.
If you fail this, the import won't work correctly and you will get invalid 

SAMPLE : ./bulkmarcimport.pl -file /home/paul/koha.dev/local/npl -n 1

my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;

if ($delete) {
        print "deleting authorities\n";
        $dbh->do("delete from auth_header");
        $dbh->do("delete from auth_subfield_table");
        $dbh->do("delete from auth_word");
if ($test_parameter) {
        print "TESTING MODE ONLY\n    DOING NOTHING\n===============\n";

$char_encoding = 'MARC21' unless ($char_encoding);
print "CHAR : $char_encoding\n" if $verbose;
my $starttime = gettimeofday;
my $batch = MARC::Batch->new( 'USMARC', $input_marc_file );
my $i=0;
while ( my $record = $batch->next() ) {
        #now, parse the record, extract the item fields, and store them in 
somewhere else.

    ## create an empty record object to populate
    my $newRecord = MARC::Record->new();
    # go through each field in the existing record
    foreach my $oldField ( $record->fields() ) {
                # just reproduce tags < 010 in our new record
                if ( $oldField->tag() < 10 ) {
                        $newRecord->append_fields( $oldField );
                # store our new subfield data in this list
                my @newSubfields = ();
                # go through each subfield code/data pair
                foreach my $pair ( $oldField->subfields() ) { 
                        $pair->[1] =~ s/\<//g;
                        $pair->[1] =~ s/\>//g;
                        push( @newSubfields, $pair->[0], 
char_decode($pair->[1],$char_encoding) );
                # add the new field to our new record
                my $newField = MARC::Field->new(
                $newRecord->append_fields( $newField );
        warn "$i ==>".$newRecord->as_formatted() if $verbose eq 2;
        my $authtypecode=substr($newRecord->leader(),9,1);
        $authtypecode="NP" if ($authtypecode eq 'a'); # personnes
        $authtypecode="CO" if ($authtypecode eq 'b'); # collectivités
        $authtypecode="NG" if ($authtypecode eq 'c'); # géographique
        $authtypecode="NM" if ($authtypecode eq 'd'); # marque
        $authtypecode="NF" if ($authtypecode eq 'e'); # famille
        $authtypecode="TI" if ($authtypecode eq 'f'); # Titre uniforme
        $authtypecode="TI" if ($authtypecode eq 'h'); # auteur/titre
        $authtypecode="MM" if ($authtypecode eq 'j'); # mot matière
        warn "XX => $authtypecode";
        # now, create biblio and items with NEWnewXX call.
        unless ($test_parameter) {
                my ($authid) = 
                warn "ADDED authority NB $authid in DB\n" if $verbose;
# $dbh->do("unlock tables");
my $timeneeded = gettimeofday - $starttime;
print "$i MARC record done in $timeneeded seconds";

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