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[Koha-cvs] CVS: koha release_notes_200pre3.txt,NONE,1.1

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-cvs] CVS: koha release_notes_200pre3.txt,NONE,1.1
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 03:06:19 -0700

Update of /cvsroot/koha/koha
In directory sc8-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv14075

Added Files:
Log Message:
release notes for 200pre3

--- NEW FILE ---

This version of Koha is still in the "unstable" directory, because some bugs 
are still reported. But it's fully useable and used in (at least) 3 libraries 
in "real world" :
* Nelsonville Public Library, Ohio, USA
* Esiee, high school, France
* Dombes Abbey, France

The next version should/might be the 2.0.0RC1.
The only missing features are :
* a migration tool for libraries already using Koha1.2.x
* an automated upgrading tool for future version. It's possible to upgrade 

* adding a demo setup : if you set "demo=1" in /etc/koha.conf, Koha is in "demo 
mode". In this mode, user can connect with "demo/demo", even if this user is 
not in members table.
He can do everything, except that any modif/add/delete done in systempref or 
marc structure is NOT saved in the DB. This avoid demo user breaking the demo 
* adding javascript function to focus on 1st field for issues / returns. Thus, 
librarian don't need manual mouse focus & can scan barcode immediatly.
* authories/thesaurus management : adding the possibility to add an authority 

People using a previous 2.0.0preX version can upgrade code and use the same DB, 
there's no DB change.
To upgrade mannually :
- mv /etc/koha.conf /etc/koha.conf_previous
- install in a new directory /var/www/html/koha_200pre3 for example.
- delete the 2.0.0pre3 DB
- modify /etc/koha.conf to point to 2.0.0pre3 DB
- modify httpd.conf to have Koha root directory pointing to 200pre3 install 
instead of 200pre2
- restart Apache.

Note : you can use the 2.0.0pre2 login/password.
If you do, mySQL may complaint about "already existing DB user". It's not a 

Note : you can also use "CVS symlink installation" of Koha if you prefer. See 

(the bug number refers to bugzilla number. See bugs.koha.org)
512 : bibliosubject table is not being populated
564 : Member card number not checked unique
567 : classlist not filled in when using catalogue-home.pl
593 : data duplication in MARC-DB
562 : Returns not showing 'on reserve' message for holds
565 : item barcode not checked unique
516 : biblioitems.itemtype does not load
556 : OPAC subject search with class specified returns error
103 : Need additional Perl module checks in installer.pl
570 : Subject search returns duplicate results
493 : add member error
563 : Keyword search does not search author names
583 : values in marc_word table should have quotation marks, etc,
499 : Members display by letter
561 : Javascript link doesn't work
164 : Editing member details loses postal address
233 : OPAC - User update doesn't work.
525 : If itemtype is not set, we get a broken more detail page, We
129 : Choosing to install MARC tables gave errors
152 : Install.pm missing from main branch
363 : Searching on contains works only with full names.
553 : broken html (neither valid nor well-formed)
582 : Move error message contents out of newmember.pl
153 : opachtdocs and intrahtdocs in koha.conf not initialized
474 : Alternate contact should not be required
558 : Member search results table doesn't show alternating colors
542 : Move HTML out of itemtypes.pl
490 : Poor display
558 : Member search results table doesn't show alternating colors
548 : Spelling of Catalog/Catalogue
547/546 : some improvements in koha docs (located at docs/kohadoc.sgml)
540 : Missing requests.gif or equivalent
XXX : Many french translation improvements.
XXX : some installer improvments.
XXX : fix for publicationyear : extracting numeric value from MARC string, like 
for copyrightdate.
XXX : fixing font size bug, & minor change in submenu look.
XXX : modifying MARC21 default setup : using Nelsonville setup, that is 
working. User just need to define  itemtypes.
XXX : fixing small bug : escaping twice the ' in title & author.

(XXX : bugfixes not in bugs.koha.org)

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