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[kmldonkey] [was: kmldonkey rates window] Debugging

From: Thomas Braun
Subject: [kmldonkey] [was: kmldonkey rates window] Debugging
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 19:56:29 +0000
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[Sorry for double posting, but I accidently took the wrong from-email-adress, 
and the list-soft only allows subscribed persons]
Sebastian Sauer schrieb:
> Hi Thomas,
> > I'm using kmldonkey from yesterdays cvs. If i choose the button
> > statistics I have two windows called Rates and Clients. The Clients
> > window is there and i have nice statistic. But the rates window shows
> > nothing.
> > I'm using gentoo linux (same on debian woody) and have it installed with
> > "make install".
> The reason is that the rates-stats are disabled by default. Please go to
> the settings and enable stats. I know, this is confusing and not a nice
> way. My intention to do it that way was, that disabling the stats should
> just hide the stats-page at all. Cause of my lag at time at the moment and
> cause of the prob that we did start to implementate the pages as plugins
> but didn't fineshed it jet, this function is half done. Means; the rates
> are diabled (cause compared to for example the clientstats the work all the
> time and not onlyy if the pagew got displayed), but the stats-page is still
> visible...

Ohh, haven't read all options, now it works fine.
> > PS: I've encouterd some crashes the last weeks but there pops no
> > "backtrace window " up. Or how do I a backtrace manually, not using gdb
> > often ;-)

> It would really help us if you could spend more infos to locate the bug.
> Does it happen after/during an action (like searching, reconnecting,
> disconnecting from server, etc.)? Is it reproducable in some way? Did
> you've some special files in your downloading-queue (like very very large
> files or files with special chars)? etc. etc... every info could help :-)

OK right now I encounterd one (not crashing) bug.

If I select in the options menu, Autorename Configuration and checks the box 
to use this feature, ALL files in the download queue get renamed to (I have 5 
Files in it) g, i, o,o, O. Only one letter per file. I made a screenshot, I 
can mail you per PM. I didn't changed the expressions getting renamed.

And the reconnect-bug is the one which occured most.
A pro pos debugging, is my KDE the fault why i get after an crash no 
debugging-ouput-window ?
I've installed kmldonkey in my home dir to not mix up with my paket system, 
perhaps this is the reason.


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