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AW: [kmldonkey] woody deb

From: Morbid Angel
Subject: AW: [kmldonkey] woody deb
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 12:05:36 +0100

>Evidently the packager has misplaced a few things. is
>control centre plugin file and should be in $KDEDIR/lib/kde3 (which should 
>be /usr/lib/kde3 on woody). It can alternately be named,
>control centre should be able to find both.
>But the easy answer is dist-upgrade to sid and use the official debs. :)

Hmmm I have copied the into this dir as

But now I get an other error:

libkcm_kcmdonkey.a: cannot open share object file: No such file or dir

this file libkcm_kcmdonkey.a is in the /usr/lib/kde3 dir

Whats the problem now?

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