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Re: [kmldonkey] RPM's for 0.9.1?

From: Petter E. Stokke
Subject: Re: [kmldonkey] RPM's for 0.9.1?
Date: 13 Aug 2003 15:51:08 +0200

On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 23:24, Tim Tsahayev wrote:
> Hmmm... maybe somebody already produced subj?

I think so - the Penguin Liberation Front makes regular KMLDonkey RPMs
for Mandrake (they're at, IIRC they've already
made 0.9.1 RPMs.

I also have some contributed Red Hat RPMs lying in my mailbox that I
probably should have put up on the download page, but I'm not sure they
work for stock Red Hat systems (I've been waiting for the author to tell
me). I could put them up anyway if needed, though.

Petter E. Stokke <address@hidden>
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