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[kmldonkey] Installing kmldonkey on mandrake 9.1?

From: Neil Blue
Subject: [kmldonkey] Installing kmldonkey on mandrake 9.1?
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 20:51:38 +0100
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I am using mandrake 9.1. I have downloaded both the kmldonkey 0.8 rpm and the 
kmldonkey 0.9 tarball. I installed kml0.8 and all seemed fine, except I am 
running my mldonkey core on a remote machine and I could not find a way to 
configure kmldonkey to connect to a remote core. I then tried the 0.9 
tarball, following the readme instructions. I didn't get a menu option but 
kmldonkey started from the command line. I then tried to configure the 
connection (a new fearture not in 0.8, and which I assumed I would need to 
connect to a remote core), but the dialog did not appear. From this I guess 
that I need to install the tarball differently for mandrake 9.1. Please can 
anyone tell me how to do this.

Thank you
Neil Blue

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