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Re: [kmldonkey] Applet Size

From: dipesh
Subject: Re: [kmldonkey] Applet Size
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 22:10:36 +0200 (MEST)

I saw the size-problem too. Funny is, that if you choose that the size of
kicker should be "tiny" and then change it back to "normal" the size differs
with what was before. This looks more like a kicker-resize-bug to me then
someting KMLDonkey is the reason for.

> My problem is mainly the height. I choosed the smallest size for kicker
> just can see the files-row. Speed is not visible.
> I think we need a complete configuration here. I for example would just
> the speed row at top.
> felix

>> Same problem here, woody kde3.1.1a.
>> It's a german setup, and the applet writes for
>>       files
>>       Dateien
>> and for
>>       speed
>>       Geschwindigkeit
>> .
>> :)pascal

>>> Hi, i have redhat 8, kde 3.1.1 when i ran the applet it takes almost
>>> entire kicker, any ide on how i can size it down. thanks

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