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[kmldonkey] Suggest concerning KDE-integration of MLDonkey

From: Daniel Arnold
Subject: [kmldonkey] Suggest concerning KDE-integration of MLDonkey
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 17:03:51 -0500
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When I used KGet and compared it to the funktionality of KMLDonkey I realised 
that both are doing a similar job from the users point of view.

If I download a file via normal HTTP oder FTP KGet manages directly the 
download for me and I can manipulate the download list to my needs, like 
stopping, queing etc...

KMLDonkey provides much the same for ed2k links if I chose a link from 
ShareReactor or somewhere else. And I think searching for files within KGet 
would also be quite intuitive (for example you could use an Archie search 
engine backend for the FTP-Protokoll) so this funtionality of P2P can also be 
integrated seemless.

The only difference for the user is that there are two different protokolls 
(or better backends, since MLDonkey connects to just more than Edonkey2000 
network) for downloading.

So what do you think of joinig forces with the KGet people and create a KGet 
that can load different kinds of plugins like a normal http/ftp download 
plugin a MLDonkey-plugin...

I think that would be a quite cool integration of MLDonkey into KDE.

Greetings, Daniel Arnold

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