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Re: [kmldonkey] kmldonkey(0,7) configuration module was not found

From: sleon
Subject: Re: [kmldonkey] kmldonkey(0,7) configuration module was not found
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:17:13 +0100
User-agent: KMail/1.5

On Monday 17 March 2003 14:33, you wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 14:01, sleon wrote:
> > On Monday 17 March 2003 12:30, you wrote:
> > > Looks like the .desktop files have been put in the wrong directory. I
> > > know Mandrake uses some non-standard directory paths for KDE, but I
> > > don't know what they are. You'll have to figure out where Mandrake
> > > keeps the directories that have been installed under /usr/share in your
> > > list of generated files, and move the files over accordingly.
> >
> > What these files are look like? And what is the standart directory where
> > the normaly stay?
> Look at the file list you posted earlier - everything under /usr/share
> (or at least the .desktop and .protocol files, and probably not the .po
> files, but they're not important in this case). /usr/share is the
> default directory when you configure with --prefix=/usr. KDE seems to
> look for them elsewhere on Mandrake, for reasons only known to the
> package maintainers...

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