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Re: [kmldonkey] install problems

From: Mirco Dunker
Subject: Re: [kmldonkey] install problems
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 17:43:27 +0100
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ok, i changed my system to suse 8.1 because red hat make too many trouble with 
my hardware.

which devel files i have to install? the new one for KDE 3.1 or can i use the 
"old" KDE 3.0 files from my distribution?


> On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 17:03, Mirco Dunker wrote:
> > Ok, i solved this problems and have a new one:
> > checking for KDE... configure: error:
> > in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will
> > fail. So, check this please and use another prefix!
> >
> > i found nothing about KDE headers. what should i do?
> If you didn't install any devel packages for kdelibs yet, that's the
> problem (but I guess you did). If not, I'm afraid I'm out of my
> league... I'm not familiar enough with Red Hat to be able to say where
> you should look for the KDE header files. You'd have to ask someone who
> knows Red Hat.

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