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[Kmdbg-main] jsly,请V查b阅附v件!

From: 蔡祥俊
Subject: [Kmdbg-main] jsly,请V查b阅附v件!
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 02:31:53 +0800

1. 团队中优秀的销g售人员少,大部分都是中等素质的,业绩差别很大,销k售总体业绩很难提升,怎么办?
Team good sales personnel less, most of them are medium quality, performance, and very different sales overall performance is difficult to ascend, how to do?

2. 销w售人员每天出去后,报销的费b用越来越高,但业绩还是没有增涨,是去拜访客户,还是......?
Sales staff after go out every day, to submit an expense account costs more and more high, but performance or no growth, is to visit customers, or... ?

3. 销j售人员工作时间长了,没有了激情,对待工作总是以打工者的心态,如何激励?
Sales staff to work for a long time, have no intense emotion, treat the job is always in the mentality of the migrant workers, and how to encourage?

4. 团队中总是有几个“刺头”,不好管j理,如何与下属相处?该严厉还是宽容?
Team always had several "thorn head", bad management, how to get along with subordinates? The harsh or tolerance?

5. 业绩竞赛对销o售人员似乎没什么效果,怎么办?如何去激励销售人员?
Performance competitions for sales people seem to have no effect, how to do? How to motivate sales personnel?

6. 作为销u售主u管,以前没学习过管理知识,不知道如何管人,如何从技术走向管w理?
As a sales executive, haven't studied the knowledge management, don't know how the people, how to do from technology to management?

7. 人一离职,就带走客户信息,如何管理销售的客户信息?
People leave a, take customer information, how to manage the sales of customer information?

8. 销m售业绩如何管o理? 销o售主l管做些什么工作才能提升业p绩?
How to manage sales? Sales manager do what work can improve performance?

9. 销n售岗位的人员流动性大,销m售人员动不动就辞职,怎么留?
The position of sales personnel mobility, sales staff is apt to resign, how to leave?

10. 每次公司设定销p售目标,销t售人员总是嫌高,不愿意接受,怎么考核?
Every time the company set up the sales target, sales people are always too high, do not be willing to accept, how assessment?


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