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Re: [KLog-users] compile error with Debian 9

From: Jaime Robles
Subject: Re: [KLog-users] compile error with Debian 9
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2019 17:09:44 +0200

Hello all,
Today it is not possible to disable the Charts in compilation time... all KLog is a bunch...
However, knowing how charts are implemented,  it should be possible to modify the code and add some flags to decide to disable the charts...
I don't promise anything  but I will check if I can get it working.

I am now fighting  with hamlib and that is my priority... Hamlib code is already working but my macOS is frozen when I disable and enable again hamlib so more testing is still needed before a new release arrives. 



El mié., 12 jun. 2019 11:52, lgtngstk <address@hidden> escribió:
I am also encountering this on Mint 16.04.1. Is there a way to disable charts? I doubt I generate enough data to make a chart useful. Otherwise there is a mirror on neon.kde.org that has what appears to be an entire set of libqt5 binary packages precompiled for xenial but I was having a little trouble getting it to sync with apt. It should really be done with a package manager because of all the dependencies.


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