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[Kawa-commonlisp-dev] Start loading CL primitives from Lisp files.

From: Charles Turner
Subject: [Kawa-commonlisp-dev] Start loading CL primitives from Lisp files.
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 14:54:09 +0000

Just a start on having Kawa CL load primitives from a CL file, rather
that the PrimOps.scm file we currently use.

I kept the primitives.lisp file small because the purpose of this
patch is show the Makefile.am changes, which are more obtrusive.

Please note: You have to run aclocal && automake after applying this
patch, and before running ./configure (or ./configure.status I guess).
My automake is at v1.13.3, but Per's must be at v.1.13.4, since I get
a lot of diff output after the above incantation due to Autotools
replacing all the header comments in the various *.in files :/)

Please find attached.


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