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Re: Development meeting 20230228

From: Giorgio Maone
Subject: Re: Development meeting 20230228
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 18:28:37 +0100
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Sorry I couldn't join todays meeting neither announce my absence because of an unexpected emergency which left me also temporarily disconnected.

If we must skip the March 14th meeting because of PI Day I'd be fine with shifting back the schedule by one week and meet on March 21st, then April 4th and so on.

And, if you feel we need to meet earlier, starting this new schedule on March 7th

Thanks and best,
-- G

On 28/02/23 18:12, Michael McMahon wrote:
* Grants (Development/Design)
  * NLnet
    - MoU between FSF and you both has been sent out.
    - Michael has questions for Zoë.
  * Open Technology Fund - ‘Free and Open Source Software’ Sustainability Fund
    - Still looking at it.
    - Still looking at it.
  * Be on the lookout for other grant opportunities.

- Speaking (Development/Design)
  - LibrePlanet 2023 (March 18-19, 2023)
    - https://libreplanet.org/2023/
    - Preparing talk. Let Libor know if there are any items that we need to address.
  - SECRYPT 2023 (July 10-12, 2023) Rome, Italy
    - https://secrypt.scitevents.org/
    - Submitted.
  - Other potential conferences
    - 2023-08-05–08-13 DEF CON https://defcon.org/ - Las Vegas, NV
    - 2023-08-05–08-10 Black Hat https://www.blackhat.com/ - Las Vegas, NV

* Manifest V3 (Development)
  * Tried testing. There were some issues with Chrome. Will try to fix these issues this week or by mid-march.
  * Let us know if there is anything that we can help with at this point.

* User stats (Development/Design)
  * JShelter user statistics as of 2023-02-28.
    * Chrome users: 3170 (???%) (2023-02-28)
    * Firefox users: 528 (???%) (2023-02-28)
      - Recent spike possibly related to LibrePlanet annoucement.
    * Total known users: 3698
      * Uncounted users would include users of Firefox based browsers which do not check each day for browser updates.

* Paper
  * Network error logging (NEL) paper
    - The browser can report what the user is doing to a network error collector. The browser reports activity only after receiving from the server. Can report successes and errors. Potential attack surface. If you use a TLS proxy the policy could be a mitm. Being standardized by w3c. If you control part of a website, you can insert the policy. Maybe a shield could be put up to rewrite url entries from Report-To HTTP response headers.

* Next meeting (Development/Design)
  * Development meetings repeating every two weeks from Jan 31st onward.
  * Next meeting: March 21st or 28th?
  * No meeting on Tue March 14th (Pi Day). We can schedule a meeting closer to that date.

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