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Re: Users are confused about the configuration

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: Re: Users are confused about the configuration
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2021 13:11:44 +0100
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Giorgio Maone napsal(a):

On 13/12/21 14:58, Libor Polčák wrote:

What do you think about the following change effective with the new UI:

The default GUI shows only ON/OFF toggles for:

* wrappers (with the tweak for this site below or advanced config button)
* Fingerprint detector (by default off)

That way, the beginners should not be confused by all the functionality of the 
extension and should be able to turn the extension off for a site. Advanced 
users could still fine-tune the behaviour.

Yes, it could work, but IMHO we should not call them "Wrappers" in the simple 
UI, but rather something carrying the same weight as HTTP (or Network?) Shield.

Maybe like

JavaScript Shield      [   ON]

Network Shields        [   ON]

Fingerprinting detectr [OFF  ]

Hello Giorgio,

I agree.

The related question is if we need 3 default levels and many user provided 
levels. I think that a single pre defined level like level 2 could be better. 
We need to let the user define own levels (and set them as default). Do we know 
about any positive feedback for having L1 and L3?

Giorgio, is it easy to modify the new UI so that the level numbers are not 
shown by default but that there is an ON/OFF wrapper slider instead?

Do you mean like above, but then if you click the [Tweak] button you get the 
full blown UI we've got know?


We have two options what happens after the user click on the [Tweak] above:

(1) Show the 0.5.x-like GUI with advanced configuration button that will 
provide the full-length customization (current new ui branch).
(2) Go immediately to the full-length customization view.

I think that (1) is better but I am open to be persuaded to go for (2), 
especially if we get rid of level 1 and 3. We have an evaluation task scheduled 
for the NLNet so maybe we can think about a way how to evaluate the usefulness 
of these levels.



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