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Development meeting 20211119

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Development meeting 20211119
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 11:40:49 -0500
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- UI
  - Prototype of UI as level based.
  - Slider position for each group 0 through 3. Changes each setting for the predefined group.
  - Very similar to drawing with the wireframe.
  - You can take a look at the current way it works.
  - If we want to add more options, it would be more of what is in the advanced view.   - Which branch is the UI work on? https://pagure.io/JS-Shield/JS-Shield/tree/fpd2   - What happens if the user configures their own levels? At this point the user can create custom levels in the UI. You can also base on other levels. From no wrappings to full protection.
  - Mix levels by tweaking each wrapping group to another level.
  - The tweaking settings do not save currently.
  - Extension workgroup meeting Thurs Dec 9th
  - Wrapper list are generated automatically.
  - Planning to have the new UI ready for early December.
  - Things to do for the UI:
    - Connecting the fingerprinting detection to the UI.
    - What should be removed from the UI?
    - Comments and review
- Working on new wrappers for 0.6

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