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Design meeting 20211015

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Design meeting 20211015
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 11:35:08 -0400
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- Wrapping up since launch
  - Fixed most of the issues and received direct feedback.
  - It is exciting to see community engagement.
- Need commit access to new repository.
- Any other issues?
- Test page
  - Test page could maybe use a usability upgrade to make the information easier to digest for new users.  Improving the layout might help with this.
  - Moving the test page to jshelter.org.
  - It could use some focused work on why it is doing what it does.
- Release schedule plans
  - New dark theme style based on dark reader CSS.  Glad that starting point helped!  Needed a bit of tweaking.
  - Redesigning the GUI or settings and popup page.  Probably not the best time to work on them before Giorgio's patches.
- a11y
  - Reviewed the main aspects and followed the a11y checklist.  Included a dark CSS theme.
  - On that side, we could ask for the review.  Should we wait for the review after Giorgio's updates?  Makes sense.  If NLnet wants to do two reviews, not sure.  This needs to be clarified with NLnet.  Probably postpone until Giorgio is finished.
- Action Item: Exploring ways the FSF can continue to financially support development

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