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Development meeting notes 24/Sep/2021

From: Ruben Rodriguez
Subject: Development meeting notes 24/Sep/2021
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 17:39:57 +0200
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* 0.5 version released, thanks to Giorgio for his help.
 * With this we can move to the UI redesign
 * merge fingerprint detector, we have some code but new UI options are
   - The fingerprint detector may have more levels than on/off as of
current. Otherwise Giorgio can implement the UI as discussed. If needed
the fingerprint detector code can be extended afterwards. Should be able
to release that prototype by mid-next week.
   - Giorgio will prototype over the fpd branch with the data that is
already there, and then new wrappers can be added over the new UI
* UI commits needed for the end-of project report and billing. Giorgio
will be working on it this weekend
* Publication pending tasks:
 - New website deployed
 - Renamed pagure repo; adding everybody to the group, adding Libor as admin
 - Publishing a renamed binary installer that points to new website and
pagure repo
 - PR release

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