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Re: Name consistency

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: Re: Name consistency
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 12:47:26 +0200
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Michael McMahon wrote:

I noticed that we are using a variety of names across the project as it took a 
while to come up with the name.  Now that we have a name, what can we do to 
unify the name across everything?

Here are the ones that I have seen ordered from simplest to most difficult.

* The README.md and the repo description say JavaScript Restrictor (JSR) or 
JS-Shield.  This is the easiest to fix without any link breakage.
* The demo website says both jShelter and JShelter.  I am fine with either, but 
we should be consistent.
* The repo is titled JS-Shield. https://pagure.io/JS-Shield/JS-Shield Is there 
a way to rename the repo with pagure?  Would the old link break or would it 
redirect?  Should we do this?
* The browser extension links all say JavaScript Restrictor and link to GitHub. 
 Could these be renamed without breaking links?

Michael McMahon | Web Developer, Free Software Foundation
GPG Key: 4337 2794 C8AD D5CA 8FCF  FA6C D037 59DA B600 E3C0
https://fsf.org | https://gnu.org

John Hsieh wrote:


On 9/21/21 10:53, Michael McMahon wrote:
Now that we have a name, what can we do to unify the name across

Thanks for highlighting this; it is very important to unify under one
name as much (and as soon) as possible -- we are issuing the formal
press release announcing the project shortly, and the funder asked me
last week for what the name of the project will be (I gave jShelter, but
also advised them the press release is coming out soon).


Hello Michael, John,

Thanks for pointing this out. I like JShelter a little bit more than jShelter. 
Are we fine with sticking with JShelter?

My original plan for rebranding was:

1a. Deploy the web https://jshelter.org/
1b. Move repository to JShelter. Ruben, can we rename the repo or do we need to 
create a new one? I tried to find a way but didn't find anything. I also didn't 
find a way to manage the repository like giving commit permissions. Do I have a 
role that can add people to the project?
2. Fix the links in the codebase to point to the rebranded web/repo.
3. Deploy redirects to Github.
4a. Rewrite all strings like JSR, JS Restrictor, JavaScript Restrictor in the 
code base to JShelter.
4b. Change the name of the extension in stores with the 0.6 release: when we 
have new GUI, fingerprint blocker (fpd branch).

Do we want to reshuffle for the press release?



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