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Re: Selecting

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Re: Selecting
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 11:15:30 -0400
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jShelter makes sense.

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On 7/26/21 4:01 PM, Ruben Rodriguez wrote:
I've looked through the replies (both to this thread and to the FSF
staff suggestions thread) and as I joked in a previous meeting, both got
to pretty much the same tie. The consensus is to go with either Hermetic
or jShelter.

I think both have good potential, but since we have to choose one, I
think the most clear cutting line between the two is the amount of
results in search engines. Hermetic is a regular word with millions of
results, and jShelter doesn't have any pre-existing results or
associated meanings. Domains for jShelter are also easily available. I
think we should go with that option.

This is in any case not my sole decision, so please comment back if
there is any last thoughts or issues I may have missed.

On 6/29/21 10:20 PM, Ruben wrote:
Hi team,

I've put together all the suggestions I could track, and loosely grouped
them. Here are some qualities we have discussed:

  * Positive: should bring up concepts from a positive POV.
  * Should not be used already for a software project, unless very
remotely. Hard to find!
  * Should not be too technical, but convey general concepts that don't
require previous knowledge.
    - Because of this, we discussed whether it should mention JS at all.
I think names like JavaScript Restrictor or JavaScript Shield go too far
on that direction, but incorporating JS in some amount could be ok. The
extension is a JavaScript engine patcher, so referencing JS would not be
out of place.

Yesterday I came up with my current choice, jShelter. It is short,
positive and unused. It would work well with a hermit crab logo/mascot.
It does mention JS, but with that spelling it does it in a minimal way.
 From names that avoid technical references completely, my vote is for
"Hermetic". Either one would fit great with a hermit crab as a mascot.

- Functional; With explicit reference to JavaScript

   - JavaScript Restrictor / JSR
     * (+) It conveys what the extension does in a true way. (-) It
sounds quite technical, and somewhat in a negative way.
   - JavaScript Shield - ScriptShield
     * (+) Positive/Neutral. (-) It doesn't necessarily convey the right
concept (a shield made of JS?). ShieldJS is an Node.js package.
   - jShelter
   - tamedscript tamescript tameJS tamedJS (already used)
   - unscripted
   - Scrintercept
   - ScriptAffect / ScriptEffect
   - ScriptShadow
   - ScriptSmack
   - SlapScript
   - ScriptSure / SureScript
   - JuggleScript

- Abstract names (names of animals or other things that sound appealing
in an abstract way).

   - Duck Back (A duck's back is slick so that water flows away smoothly.
Water cannot penetrate the duck's back and is instead misdirected
smoothly off. Ducks are cute. The duck is already associated with
privacy with DuckDuckGo and might get some hits from the association.)
   - Hermit Crab (character concept wearing different shells)
   - hedgehog, hystrix, porcupine, armadillo, turtle, turtoise
   - Capuchin (because they are smart monkeys, and I was thinking about
   - Pillbug -- Another animal whose body has explicit protection
mechanisms, with a reference to the venerable "Firebug" extension.
   - Myrtle (Myrtle the Turtle)
   - Armordillo, Protector Armadillo, Armadon't
   - Turtle Shell / Tortoise Shell (maybe confusing to use "shell")
   - Javelina
   - Coffee Crab

- Functional Names ( referring to a quality or function of the software)

   - Protect me -- A general privacy concept.
   - Misdirection -- Adding a magician concept to highlight misdirecting
snooping attempts.
   - Hideout -- A place to find a bit of comfort while evil things are
out there.
   - Off-track -- About turning trackers off, and about going out of the
pathway that they've laid out for you.
   - Hermetic -- A way to keep your browsing "sterile", free from
contamination. This angle brings up nostalgia for a time when we didn't
have to watch our steps while following URLs. There's also a bit of a
pun with the character of the hermit crab.
   - Coffee Filter (a filter for your java(script))

Please all reply with 2 choices, let's see if there are favorites.


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