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Development Meeting 20210726

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Development Meeting 20210726
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 10:25:36 -0400
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- Switched from Doxygen to pelican.
- Name? Deadline August 16th.
- What to do with the Brave branch?  Release 0.5 with Brave wrapper patches.  No recent meeting with Mateus.  Did you look at the commits?  12 commits ahead of the master.  Not sure if everything is working at this time.  Rebase on the Brave branch rather than on master?  Then merge everything in one step?  Mateus is blocking on the incognito key.  Rebase on the brave branch for now.  Hopefully merged soon.
- The wrappers are working.
- After 2 weeks, might be able to publish code.
  - Sent proposal.  No reply?  After vacations, look at proposal and see if it makes sense.  Deadline August 16th.   - It makes sense from a data standpoint.  Before prototyping, it should be looked at by a UX expert for the best way to look at in from a design standpoint.

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