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Development and design meeting July 12

From: Ruben Rodriguez
Subject: Development and design meeting July 12
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 16:51:27 +0200
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* Manufactura has been working on doxygen for the site but run into
problems, mainly related to the translation workflow.
  * The proposal is to using pelican for the whole site instead of
pelican for blog and doxygen for code. There are some caveats to this
workflow too, but it looks like the way to go.
  * Looking into identifying blockers early. The main advantage is that
it makes updating code and website a single task, so this is something
we would want for different tools.
  * The suggestion is to have some commands to generate markdown in
english from the code comments, and use that as the origin for the site
and for translations using gettext.
  * Manufactura to start testing a pelican-based workflow.
* Looking at the three most voted names
  * jShelter: me*, johnh, libor
    *  No existing meanings, very few results associated.
  * Hermetic: johnh*, me, ana*, ricardo*
    *  Issues: Some negative/weird meanings: "relating to an ancient
occult tradition encompassing alchemy, astrology, and theosophy",
"difficult to understand because intended for a small number of people
with specialized knowledge."
  * Rescriptor: libor*, ana, ricardo, giorgio*
    *  Issues: rescriptor is a HIV medication, rescript is a javascript
dialect (similar to typescript). Harder to associate the name with a
graphical concept / mascot.
  * Ruben to ask fsf office for votes/comments.
* Giorgio wants guidance regarding the UI, should we start with a
wireframe and adapt the code from it, or vice-versa
  * Giorgio is almost done working on the wrappers, and that will free
his time to work on the UI
  * We should keep it simple, center the design on the list of wrappers
existing on each site, and how to turn on/off or tweak.
* Giorgio has been working with Matus, reviewing early injection
mechanism. Gave him some suggestions and waiting for reply. There should
have separation based not just on incognito windows, but also per cookie
jar and domain.
  * Most wrappers work out of the box, there are some corner cases that
needed a different method, that is being added now.
  * Matus sent an email to Libor, he is working on the issue too.
Giorgio should get in touch.
* Libor working for Giorgio on reimplementation of wrappers, and on
Matus to finish the Brave wrappers, then will make a new release (may
have the same name or the new one. It is possible to rename extensions
on Mozilla site). This will be the 0.5 version, the next version should
contain the new fingerprinting detection mechanism, and could include
the UI changes.

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