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Re: Rescheduling meeting

From: Ricardo Lafuente
Subject: Re: Rescheduling meeting
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021 14:15:21 +0100

This is fine with us -- it's better than having two separate meetings, since the issue we put forward today probably needs everyone's input.

In the meantime, Libor, if you have the time to articulate thoughts on our previous email, and point out details that we might have missed, this would be great for us to consider how to move forward and get some things done this week.

On 7/5/21 1:24 PM, Ruben Rodriguez wrote:
Hi team,

It is a holiday in the US and I'm also not home today, so I won't be able to attend today. Would it be possible to have the meeting on friday? Otherwise feel free to meet without me today.


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