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Dev meeting minutes 16/Apr/2021

From: Ruben Rodriguez
Subject: Dev meeting minutes 16/Apr/2021
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 10:31:05 -0400
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 * Workers API patch almost finished, except the remote workers on
Chromium. Local workers are already patched on Firefox and chromium
(workers that are instantiated with data or urls). Other types are
patched in Firefox, and progress is going on debugging service workers
on Chromium. Progress is slow due to some limitations of the debugger.
 * If chrome developers listen to our suggestions for manifest v3, it
would solve most of our problems. Giorgio is optimistic because there is
progress on related merge requests he sent.
 * Almost all chromium clones/derivatives support the same API features,
so it is expected that what we produce as compatible with chromium
should work on derivatives.
 * Giorgio haven't sent the workers API MR yet, waiting to finish the
chrome components. The plan is to have it ready for the next devel
meeting (2 weeks).
 * Giorgio is working on implementing a wrapper for CSS prime.
 * Libor will be working on merging code from students. There is code
needing testing. One of the features is detection of input on a form,
and tries to stop communication with other parties, and stop already
injected scripts from read/modify the fields.

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