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[Jbackpack-discussion] Windows 7, x64t: JBackpack doesn't find rdiff-bac

From: Ariel Amitaï
Subject: [Jbackpack-discussion] Windows 7, x64t: JBackpack doesn't find rdiff-backup location
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 20:56:29 +0200


I tried to install JBackpack and the executable doesn't seem to find rdiff-backup location, even using the "Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistribuable package" feature.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
  1. Download the programme from here: http://www.nongnu.org/jbackpack/downloads.html to my local download directory
  2. Proceed to installation using the downloaded ".exe" file
  3. Wait for the download/execution complete
  4. Follow the prompted instructions to copy the clipboard content (rdiff-backup.exe) to: C:\Windows\System32
  5. Launch the JBackpack ".exe" again
Here I encounter a window with a warning/error message:
JBackpack needs rdiff-backup for all backup and restore operations but rdiff-backup could not be found.
Please make sure that you hace administrative privileges, otherwise you will not be able to install the programs below.

[Install rdiff-backup]

On older systems it may also be necessary to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package.
Please install it, if rdiff-backup can not be found after the installation

[Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package]
[Restart JBackpack] [Exit JBackpack]

Even if after running the "Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package" a restart JBackpack, the same error/warning window shows up.

My system is an up to date Windows 7 x64  installation. The following  Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages are installed:
"rdiff-backup.exe" is located in "C:\Windows\System32". Helps would be appreciated.

Thanks by advance for your support

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