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[Jason-dev] Fw:

From: Carlos Riddle
Subject: [Jason-dev] Fw:
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 23:26:50 -0000

Wallst.net Features RREF CEO In An Interview to discuss 
Successful Testing of Anti Weaponized-Biochemical Solution!

Compnay: Red Reef Laboratories Inc. Symblo, RREF Prcie: 0.56!

RREF CEO in interview told investors that the testing of Bioclear 
was successful against Weaponized Biochemical’s like anthrax. 
Testing was preformed by the US Military and has provided exciting 
prospects in the protection against terrorist biochemical attacks. 

Go to wallst.net and listen to the interview, hear it from the CEO himself 
and then get on RREF first thing Tuesday morning!

I hope it was a helper.I'll email you later this week.

Carlos Riddle.

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