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[Jason-dev] Investment Partnership

From: Mike Kwame
Subject: [Jason-dev] Investment Partnership
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 13:25:33 -0500

International Operations
Central Bank of Africa
Ivory Coast
West Africa branch 

Dear Sir or madam

Re Partnership and Business collaboration 

There is knowing doubt that this letter will come to you as a surprise, since 
we have no existing relationship or contact in the past. Nevertheless Internet 
remains the best information technology where registered businesses and 
individual contacts are listed.
My name is Mr. Mike kwame, head Operation Director Central Bank of Africa (CBA) 
our duty is supervising and scrutinizing of all currencies transaction going in 
out of Africa through our international intelligent network with Banks in 
Europe, Asia and America. For the past fifteen years we have frustrated, 
uncovered and intercepted a lot of money to the tune on $15.3billion, monies 
belonging to different countries government being diverted to Overseas Banks by 
corrupt officials of government with the aid of some foreigner partners.
Highly respected persons, President and Governors of states are not left out of 
this gross misconduct, sharp and corruption practices, the beneficiaries of the 
intercepted illegal monies had refuse to turn up to our office for defense and 
questioning, has disappeared for fear of being exposed or jailed. The monies 
cannot also be repatriated back to their states because the perpetrators of 
this hideous act have destroyed all the traces leaking the money to them and 
their destination country. 
I have attend my retirement age and I deem it necessary to compensate myself 
with some parts of this money $210million, it may not sound decent but every 
human being is selfish, more so I do not know what my successors  will do with 
this money when I leave office after my retirement.  What I want from you is 
your collaboration in partnership to assist me receives this money in your bank 
account for international business investment.  I have the master arrangement 
on how this will be done without violating the law of both countries. What I 
mean is that the security of the transaction is guaranteed. Please note that as 
soon as I hear from you I will further brief you on the next line of action 
contact me on the direct mail address@hidden, or address@hidden 

Thank you,

YouÂ’re faithfully 
Dr Mike Kwame

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