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[Jason-dev] pottery boss

From: Rosalie Hines
Subject: [Jason-dev] pottery boss
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 01:59:03 +0300

Time and again Judy let them havetheir suppers in it. Evening after evening Pat carried pails of water to it.
Oh, it shouldntstorm the day Winnie was coming home. It will soon have a light in its windows now. No wonder that Pat had to go clearup to the Long House with Bets afterwards. Sniffing that delectable odour Pat crept down through the silenthouse.
Only she,Pat, had no part or lot with them.
I never thought I could like any one outside my own family as muchas I like Bets.
Did Joe really cut off Gentleman Toms whiskers, Judy? I used to watch thered sunrise behind them in the mornings when I woke up.
And yet, when Winnie had been bobbed for a week, it seemed as ifshe had been bobbed always.
We are so sorry for out middle namesbecause they are never used. She andJingle heard them when they were coming home in the dim fromHappiness.
That first night atElmwood was a rather dreadful one. Judy, its dreadful that cats cant live as long as we do, sighedPat. A little girl of about her own age was curled up in thecorner .
Uncle Brian says Jim Hartley will come to a bad end. Only ten days more, said Pat, looking at the calendar. You went along the Whispering Lane and acrossthe end of Uncle Toms garden and there was your path. Oh, oh, I dont be much av a hand at writing letters, said Judydubiously. How dared anybody laugh at such a moment? But Iwouldnt let on to Norma that I thought it fine because she hasalways bragged so about it. Sometimes we call each otherGertrude and Margaret.
Perhaps Uncle Brian wouldntbring her if it stormed.

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