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[Jason-dev] sharpness amalgamate

From: Montague Haney
Subject: [Jason-dev] sharpness amalgamate
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 18:54:00 +0300

It was their knightly duty to make ashow of arms against me. You andyour like know what to expect from your lords and rulers! The King will not be baulked of his revenge; and we areshriven and ready. Nothing remained for me to do but to correctFroissarts follies and translate Rodin into words. Trouble, adventure, hardship, care, disappointment, doubt,misery, danger, and death.
You told me just now that you said something quitedifferent. Is he, too, to be spared andpetted and fed and have a gown from you?
We do NOT keep any eBooks in compliance with a particularpaper edition.
There is one thing we are all outfor when we are young. You were oneof the amenities of the estate.
His paroxysm of tears has completelydischarged his ill temper.
Take these fellows out and hangthem in their white beards.
The five burgesses kneel gratefully to the Queen.
Between them, near theKings pavilion, is a two-seated chair of state for publicaudiences. Nothing, sir: we would not so far presume. What I meanis that if it doesnt matter to me it doesnt matter to you either. No, by all the saints in heaven and devils in hell.
Do your worst, dame: I like your spunkbetter than his snivel.
And they abuse my kindness: it only encourages them: they despiseme for it.
Softly, father: that is not their fault: it is yours.
I have not threatened the life of a single knight.
And now, sir sonny, tell meall your news.
Yes, yes, yes, my love: do not bother about me.
His paroxysm of tears has completelydischarged his ill temper.

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