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[Jason-dev] release

From: Archie Welch
Subject: [Jason-dev] release
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 18:27:11 -0400

Even more disturbing was the visit of Mrs. On the occasion of last seeing Purdy,they had both been giddy with excitement. Dont talk about what you dont understand! Ill not grudge the expense, I promise you.
Few or none march together the whole way.
But I dont think weought to be discussing her. Mary laughed at Richardsexaggerated anxiety; though she rejoiced to see him so fond. I couldnt get a word out of im all theway ome.
I think you can safely leave it to her to look after her owninterests.
Why, build em, my dear, and asmany as you choose!
In manyways, shes just as capable as her mother was.
Surely the wordimplies somebody with whom one has at least HALF an idea in common? But if you do itjust to get her out of the house, youre on the wrong tack.
Ive put up with thejob lot you call your friends for more than a twelvemonth. For onething, he disdained competition with Tilly in her open touting forPurdys notice.
But when it came to his ordering in an expensive rocking-horse,she put her foot down. Oh, Ive no patience with such a selfish standpoint.
We shall be having youill in earnest if this goes on. Youre not letting that silly old affair in Ballarat stillprejudice you against him? Yet the mere mention of them was enough to send her off into anunmannerly guffaw. And then Im not to open mymouth, or say what I see, or have any opinion of my own.
The shock of the encounter drove the semblance of a hearty greeting outof Mahony.

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