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[Jason-dev] Employers needed

From: celle randolph
Subject: [Jason-dev] Employers needed
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006 06:37:58 +0000

How many times did you think of giving up your
permanent job and join another "good looking"
work-at-home scheme? And how many of them were
successful? Did you earn more than $5000 a month with
them? NO? Then you have an opportunity right now and
right here!

We made it possible for you to get a real part-time
job in a world of transportation business and control
your income on your own! We will never ask you about
your credit rating and never put any inquiries to your
credit profile. This is business of partners, we don't
take, we give you this opportunity

You can become our Representative and take part in a
stunning world of financial operations. No more
up-front costs or tricks. A steady income is just a
click away! The best thing it all depends on you.

Being a long-established solid corporation we
understand how important it is to provide our customers
the best possibilities and support. We always try our
best to be cooperative and customer-friendly, you can
call or email us any time and ask a question if
something is not clear.

Get involved in a great transportation business, and
start making money in just a few clicks. You will make
a fixed amount ($30) out of every shipped product. The
usual product quantity range from 10 to 100 packages a
month. This is not a dream, you enter a serious market!
A unique opportunity where your income depends on you!

More information \ apply \ send your resumes to: address@hidden

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