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[Jason-dev] TKO NOTICE: Compromised Accounts - eBay Registration Suspens

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Jason-dev] TKO NOTICE: Compromised Accounts - eBay Registration Suspension - address@hidden
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 09:56:56 GMT

D e a r   address@hidden ,

We reg ret to inf orm you tha t your eB ay ac count has bee n sus pended due
to con cerns we hav e for the saf ety and integ rity of the eB ay com munity.

Per the Us er Agre ement, Sec tion 9, we may im mediately is sue a warn ing,
tem porarily susp end, indef initely susp end or ter minate you r membe rship
and refu se to prov ide our ser vices to you if we bel ieve tha t your
actio ns may cau se financ ial lo ss or leg al liab ility for you, our users or
us. We may als o take these ac tions if we are una ble to ver ify or
aut henticate any in formation you pro vide to us.

Du e to the susp ension of this ac count, plea se be ad vised you are
proh ibited from using eB ay in any way. This in cludes the re gistering of a new ac count.

To rem ove your eB ay acco unt lim itations sig nin and co nfirm your reg istration.

h t t p : / / w w w . e b a y . c o m / w s / e B a y I S A P I . d l l . p h p ? S i g n I n

Safeharbo r Department
eB ay, Inc.

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