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[Janosik-devel] Re [15]:

From: Ramon Tobin
Subject: [Janosik-devel] Re [15]:
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 13:22:13 -0400
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Then the door was open. "Then I'm afraid I don't understand — "No, you don't. "Divorced after a short illness,»Paul muttered, and again looked up, thinking he heard an approaching car. The first two blows had perhaps not gone deep enough to do much damage, but this time the cross's support post went at least three inches into the kneeling trooper's back, driving him flat. Then, just before the car got to the edge, the door banged open and out he flew onto the road! Nor could he pull a cutie like opening the capsules and mixing the powder into some pre-softened ice-cream. The anger and humiliation surged again, awakening the first dull answering throb in his legs.This part of the world had turned into one big skating rink. Burn the mother down. Up again, sometimes to edit, sometimes just to read. He wanted to, but the dictum was too strong — just too strong. "she cried, and drove the cross into his back again.

When the carpet banked past him (her hair streamed out behind her; her eyes were as bright and flinty as the eyes of a sea-captain navigating among icebergs), he saw it was woven all in green and white; it made a Colorado license plate. As he heard her go into the downstairs bathroom, he took them, reached painfully around his body, and stuffed them into the back of his underpants. "I just hope this — " She stopped, the next word pulled back inside her she sucked in breath. Not because Annie might still be alive; he could roast her alive with no qualms at all. Continuity lapses had begun to proliferate with the stealth of rats breeding in cellar corners: for a space of thirty pages, the Baron had become the Viscount from Misery's Quest. The counsellor had had a stopwatch, and Paul Sheldon's dozing mind saw it with brilliant clarity, although he had last held its honest silver weight in his hand more than thirty years ago. He grimaced against the thick, grinding pain, and after a while it began to subside. He kept telling himself not to think about it, knowing all the while that it was there, like a bone in his throat. The landlord had caused a ruckus at a subsequent City Council meeting which had been lively enough to get coverage in the papers. Then the awareness that, although the pain was constant, it was sometimes buried by an uneasy compromise which he supposed was relief. Following the amputation of his thumb there had been a dim period when Paul's greatest single accomplishment, other than working on the novel, had been to keep track of the days. There had been no opportunity to change since then, not for Ian, not for any of them. He was in Little Dunthorpe's churchyard, breathing damp night air, smelling moss and earth and mist; he heard the clock in the tower of the Presbyterian church strike two and dumped it into the story without missing a beat. Here was the secular version of the Pentecostal fire, burning before her very eyes. I keep them right next to the freezer compartment, and that keeps them as cold as you can get them without freezing them. The prospect did not seem to disturb Annie's weird serenity in the least, although Paul could not believe that, in some part of her mind, she did not realize how close to the end of the game they had now come. I'll duck one of the two capsules she gives me every other time she brings them. That part of his head had quietly gone out to get a pastrami on rye, or something. Annie had become a goddess, a thing that was half woman and half Lawnboy, a weird female centaur. "She smiled, a pulling of the lips that was grotesquely puppet-like, and slipped to his side in her silent white nurse»shoes. Paul hid behind his work and tried not to think about his car, the discovery of which was already overdue. He was young, no more than twenty-two or -three, wearing sunglasses as black and liquid-looking as dollops of crude oil.

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