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[Janosik-devel] recreational chairwoman

From: Rolf Mills
Subject: [Janosik-devel] recreational chairwoman
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 22:24:34 +0200

She felt as if he had been thrust far away from her bythis influx of Murrays.
Emily wanted to goand explore it, but was afraid to trust herself in the pasture.
Elizabeth has some pet economiesand writing-paper of any kind is one of them.
We are not paupers at New Moon, said Aunt Elizabeth rathercoldly.
She couldnt understandwhy anybody should want a cat. What are you staring at nothing in that queer way for? Books were Emilys friends wherever she found them. There are barn cats at New Moon, but they are neverallowed in the house. Most of the furniture belongs to the house, she said, so itwont take us long to get ready.
And Aunt Lauras eyes were very, very blue and deep and kind.
Emily had never seen a kitchen like this before.
The garden was a beautiful place, well worthy Cousin Jimmys pride.
Ellen was going back to her own little house inMaywood village and she wanted a cat. Of course, as far as the matter of expense goes, Elizabeth,Ill do my share. They stopped in Charlottetown and had dinner.
And theyre theonly things left in the world that love me.
AuntElizabeth announced that they would stay until the next day to packup and take Emily with them.
Oh, all right, agreed Emily cheerfully, Ill only kiss her whenyou dont see me after this.
Was it any wonder that fora moment or so she was too paralysed to reply!
Its no use to ask me when thespirit dont move me.
But havent you any money of your own, Cousin Jimmy? After dinner Aunt Elizabeth announced to Aunt Laura that they woulddo some shopping. Emily wondered if she could see it inthe air.
It was asnow-white little building in a clump of tall balm-of-gileads.

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