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[Janosik-devel] parameter tonight

From: Oscar Henderson
Subject: [Janosik-devel] parameter tonight
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 15:59:29 +0300

Major Shadwell will be in command until the new colonel comestomorrow or the nex day.
Miller would have beencompletely irrelevant, but for the fact that he was a nuisance.
Shempoured some more whisky into Bournes cooker, the lid of whichfitted quite tight.
Isnt it nice to think weve got three-quarters of a bottle of goodScotch whisky? Like a foolI gave him one of these, and he has forgotten his cigarette caseall day today. He talkedto Bourne alone, sending the other two to get their equipment.
Well, theres room for four on us, said Humphreys, withunexpected modesty. It may have been the one I gave Mr Sothern: lost owingto the exigencies of active service. Looks all right, he said, and grabbed the loaf.
Im thebugger who has most of the work to do in these stunts.
I am not goingto conceal from you, Humphreys, the fact that your presence isunwelcome to us. I suppose as soon as you put in for a commissionyou will come back for a bit as a lance-corporal. Montez, madame, vous et vos amies; et puisnous causerons ensemble. I didnt have any intention of making youwild. I eard the adjutant said you seemed to ave some sense.
These bloody practices are no good anyway. No bloody love lost, then, said Martlowstoically.
At last she led him across the yard,and showed him a small room with a cement floor.
They heardthe military policeman return at twelve oclock. Shortly afterA Company had joined them they had the order to march at ease,and then to march easy. However, old Shem wants it, and we haveto hang together. If we all end on the mat, I am the person who will bearthe chief responsibility. Well, you had better buzz off an get your pack, said thesergeant-major.
Shall we get a drink here, or wait until we get back toReclinghem?
You just remember all the work e does,an all is responsibilities, see? Bourne took it, thanking him, and lounged off.
I am willing to bet nobodyin A Company knows anything about our going to them.
Im rather sorry youre goin, but theyre short of signallers. It was not simply that they liked him,but he belonged to them, he belonged to their own earth. You might take a drop o tea up to the corporal, will you?

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