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[Janosik-devel] did STEVE indicate a PPTL s R0I

From: Marcelino Grove
Subject: [Janosik-devel] did STEVE indicate a PPTL s R0I
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 18:02:38 -0060

EXCLUSlVE Penny Stocks Alert Advisory Service G0 PPTL!

Get on PPTL First Thing on Thursday, it's going to expload to above $0.05!
WATCH lT EXPL0DE 0N Thursday!!!

WATCH PPTL LlKE A HAWK 0N Thursday September 7, 2006

Company: Premium Petroleum Corp
Ticker: PPTL
Current Price:  $0.0135
Thursday's Target Price:  $0.05
Best Case Scenario: $0.075
Recommendation: STR0NG BUY
Price Increase Expec: Max
Investment Risk: Low 

                        Here comes the REAL BlG 0NE! PPTL!!! Get on PPTL First 
Thing on Thursday!!!


Premium Petroleum, Inc.: Acquires Additional Zone on Boyne Lake Prospect Monday 
June 5, 9:45 am ET

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(MARKET WlRE)--Jun 5, 2006 -- Premium Petroleum, Inc. (0ther 
0TC:PPTL.PK - News) is pleased to announce that it has acquired production 
rights to an additional zone on the Boyne Lake prospect in Alberta Canada. 
Based on data collected throughout the drilling stage it was decided to 
purchase the rights for this zone.

Due to wet weather conditions, the company has not been able to mobilize 
equipment onto the property to complete the well 
testing. The company anticipates the two zones will be tested within the next 
30 days.As previously mentioned, the well is 
still on tight hole status, and therefore information regarding the testing 
results will not be released until a future date.
The company anticipates that in the coming months it will be successful in 
acquiring prospective crown oil and gas lease(s) 
with significant upside potential.

The company also continues to review potential joint venture opportunities with 
third parties.Bruce A. Thomson, B.A. Sc. ; 
President & CE0 states "we are pleased that the potential of this project has 

Y0U KN0W THERE WlLL BE M0RE NEWS 0N Thursday! All signs show that PPTL is going 
to Explode to $0.05! lt did $0.05 in the past check historical data on PPTL and 
watch it GR0W T0 AB0VE $0.05!!!
                                ADD THlS GEM T0 Y0UR RADAR AND WATCH lT TRADE 
0N Thursday, SEPTMBER 7, 2006!!!
                                D0N'T EVEN BLlNK! PPTL D0ESN'T SLEEP IT WILL 
EXPL0DE 0N Thursday, SEPTMBER 7,2006!!!
                                                        TRADE SMART AND WlN 

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